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Recovery from DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction.

Recovery after a DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure can be less daunting than it actually seems. The ERAS protocols significantly reduce the discomfort a patient can feel after their surgery and can shorten the time spent in recuperation, helping them resume their lives as fast as possible. DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery usually requires a hospital stay of 5–10 days. After a DIEP flap breast reconstruction: the reconstructed breasts will be monitored carefully, every 30–60 minutes for the first day or so. This is important to make sure that the blood supply to the reconstructed breast. Recovery from DIEP Flap Surgery The DIEP Flap breast reconstruction procedure is a highly sophisticated procedure that requires more recovery than other forms of breast reconstruction. Following the procedure, the patient should expect to remain in the hospital for approximately three to five days. In a typical DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery the belly tissue fat is taken out which results in tummy tuck as an automatic benefit. Nevertheless, in the standard tummy tuck the excess flabby tummy skin is usually removed and thus takes a shorter recovery time. DIEP Flap vs Implant Recovery. There are many benefits to having DIEP flap reconstruction surgery over implant reconstruction surgery. Although the DIEP flap procedure is more invasive and requires a longer surgery, patients who have this procedure experience less pain during recovery.

Tummy Tightness after DIEP flap Breast Reconstruction. I speak to many women who ask about tummy tightness after DIEP flap breast reconstruction. The emphasis of the question focuses on how long the tightness will last and how it is adjusting to the new feeling. DIEP Flap Surgery for Dummies: Before Surgery: Exercise and eat right. Your body is going to go through lots of trauma and it needs to be in good condition to survive what you are going to do to it. Freeze meals. Unless your caretaker is a cook, you may end up eating a lot of pizza and takeout during your recovery.

If the patient is being treated for cancer, there may be other issues affecting the timeline, like chemo or radiation therapy. Step 2: After recovery there will typically be one more small surgery either to reconstruct nipples, refine or revise the breast reconstruction, and/or refine or revise the donor site. Breast Reconstruction Timeline. With a few exceptions, regardless of the type of reconstruction selected, two surgical procedures or “stages” will likely be needed to complete your full breast reconstruction. Recovery time after breast reconstruction after a mastectomy depends on the reconstruction technique. 1. For implant base breast reconstruction - stage 1 involves placement of a tissue expander and alloderm after mastectomy - Normally the patient stays in the hospital for 1 to 2 days for this stage1. Patient with unilateral breast cancer elected to undergo bilateral mastectomies and DIEP free flap breast reconstructions contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. The patient was smoking cigarettes at the time of her diagnosis, but nevertheless underwent successful reconstruction.

18/12/2019 · → Topic: Please tell me about life after DIEP. Topic: Please tell. DIEP flap Log. The recovery is longer, and I have never been so tired. However, even at 7 weeks, I can say that the pain was manageable and my breasts look very natural. DIEP Breast Reconstruction Result Photos. DIEP breast reconstruction deep inferior epigastric perforator flap is an advanced microsurgical technique that. 27/03/2015 · Hello again! In this video, I talk about my experience at the hospital, what recovering at home has been like, and I show my currently healing scars. I want this video to help educate anyone who is going through this or thinking about going through this procedure. Thanks for all the support! WARNING: Don't watch if you're sensitive. For the DIEP Flap the recovery was much more dramatic. You are in the hospital for at least 5 nights, you don't remember most of it because you are on an IV drip of morphine. After that the recovery for the next two weeks is rough. 11/07/2019 · Another wonderful success story from one of our patients after following our ERAS protocol! Only 2 days after DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery she is feeling well enough to go home from the hospital! Read more about our ERA protocol and how it is making a major impact of how quickly and easily our patients recover after.

Ideas and Resources for Recovery Reconstruction Refined A new surgical option gains popularity May 2014 Carly Berwick MAMM - Vol. 12 2 More and more women who choose reconstruction after mastectomy are opting for procedures that use their own tissue, which. Recovery from fat transfer usually takes one to two days. All breast reconstruction patients have a range of options. Our surgeons will be happy to help you find the one that is right for you. Benefits and Results of Fat Grafting. After the fat grafting procedure, patients will see fat retention ranging from 50-80%. The DIEP Flap Procedure. If you had a tissue expander placed during your mastectomy, it will be removed at the time of your breast reconstruction surgery. During the DIEP flap procedure, a flap of tissue is removed from your abdomen and relocated to your chest by reconnecting the veins and arteries. Atlanta plastic surgeon Marcus Crawford offers a breakdown of what our patients can expect during the tummy tuck recovery period. Tummy Tuck Recovery Timeline Period, Week 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Get a better understanding of how DIEP Flap breast reconstruction requires no muscle, while TRAM Flap does and what that means for your recovery and results. Has anyone had DIEP using belly fat breast reconstruction that can share their story of the surgery and recovery? Asked by. the literature i received on this procedure, it is a 15 hour surgery, with 5 days in the hospital and approx. 2 months recovery. My Mom had a double mastectomy with a DIEP flap repair on Feb 1st. DIEP vs TUG autologous flap breast reconstruction. Following mastectomy and implant, I've had CT scans to establish whether I'm a suitable candidate for DIEP reconstruction. I had keyhole abdominal surgery in the past but scans show good blood supply. My surgeon is offering bilateral TUG flap to create a new breast instead of DIEP.

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